If you believe that less is more and that you can achieve more by sticking to proven methods –then this Forex trading
technique is  

Designed as one of the first techniques a new Forex trader should be trading due to its simplicity, this technique has
been so refined, and the exposure to whipsaw trades have been so filtered, that even the most experienced traders will
benefit from using and applying it.

simple and easy to use it incorporates:

•        trending indicators,
•        momentum principle,
•        candlestick formations,
•        price patterns,
•        basic support and resistance concepts,
•        optimum time of day trading approaches.

All the basic trading concepts the pros use and know about.

Who is the technique for?

1.        The total beginner: This technique is easy to understand and has very clear rules for entering a transaction,
staying in the transaction and exiting the transaction. All the elements a Forex trading system should have. In addition,
we have a +27 beginner and intermediate video course link in which you can learn about the Forex Market, the currencies,
brokers and charting.

2.        The (confused) Forex trader who has become so confused by hundreds of complicated techniques and
approaches and wants to return to a basic, simple, conventional approach to trading that is clear and unambiguous.

3.        The experience trader who knows what works and what does not and needs to be reminded of how simple and
ordinary trading approaches can still make money in the challenging market.

Background to the Magical Moving Average

The Magical Moving Average eBook   


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Written by Alex du Plooy
Forex technique using Moving Average

Looking for a simple and easier
way of making money trading
the Forex Market?

Want to save time and energy
looking for a technique that
Forex system using Moving Average
In his book “The Encyclopaedia of Technical Market Indicators” Robert
Colby analysed 127 of the best and most popular Technical indicators using
almost 100 years of stock market information. He compared his results to a
Buy and Hold strategy.  In other words, the increased value of the
investment if held for +/- 100 years was determined. This value was
compared to the value if you had used technical indicators to buy and sell
during that particular period. Some indicators gave negative returns and
other positive returns.

Strangely enough the final results showed some shocking results.  

Moving averages (if used properly) filled the top 2 spots in the list of 127
indicators tested. (+$77Mil and +$51Mil)
The next best indicator was +$12Mil – a considerable amount less than the
top 2

Moving averages were one of the very first and also one of the simplest
indicators ever used by technical analysts. The moral of this analysis is that
sometimes the simple indicators do the best jobs when using technical
In his great Forex trading book “Technical Analysis Applications in
the Global Currency Markets
” Cornelius Luca comes to the
following conclusion in the last chapter of the book:

“The most significant technical tools are the most basic ones.
Major trends and their formations are all that a trader really
needs. Once you have identified them, do not question them and
do not hesitate. Just go ahead and trade. The more refined
methods are generally of marginal significance.”
Forex technical Market Indicators
Global Currency Markets Forex book
So what are you waiting for?      

Get your copy of this eBook today!

•        45 illustrations,
•        and many links to more information on
aspects of this technique

Previous Support webinars where the important
elements of the technique were reviewed were
recorded and the video links are sent with the
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The Magical Moving Average eBook is about simple price and candlestick formations and simple indicators
providing very high probability trades. If you are highly experienced you are not going to see anything you
have not seen before. It is however the combination of simple indicators and formations that create very
powerful trade setups that if used appropriately can give high success trades with exceptional returns of risk.

The principles of this technique are universal so they can be applied to any currency, any Forex market  and
any time frame – from the 1 minute charts to the monthly charts. You don’t need any special charting software
or broker accounts. The technical analysis techniques can also be applied in other non Forex markets.

What make the Moving Average magical are the settings we use.
All moving averages are basically lagging
indicators, but by clever research and from trading experience we have
identified settings that make the
moving average a
leading indicator and also showing support and resistance much more clearly than
conventional moving averages.

The success of this system is dependent on the Forex trader using it. Just like the Fibonacci techniques and
the Pivot point techniques some traders make fortunes trading them (well) whereas other traders lose money
using exactly the same techniques (badly).
The Magical Moving Average Technique
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