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First time user: +30% return in 2 days
First time user: 124 pips
FIRST TIME TRADER - 64 pips in 3 days using ONE currency
First time traded - 115 pips
First Time User - +105 pips
FIRST TIME TRADER - 27% return on Capital (Live Account)  
First Time: +80 pips in 4 hours
First Time user: 130 pips in 6 hours
First Time User:- 164 pips in 4 days

Over 100 pips in just over a hour +8% added to the trading account
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First Time User: 200 pips in 3.5 hours     P/L = Pips,   and Gross P/L = $ value of deal, Times are New York Time

    I could not believe my eye's when I started trading the GOOD VIBRATIONS system.  It was so easy
    using Pending Orders and this made the trading quite relaxing. I even popped out to the shops during
    the session. I got quite excited when my first deal went positive. I soon realised that this system really
    does give your transactions a good chance of success.

    I traded for about 3.5 hours and generated well over the required 15 trades (21). I can't believe
    that I found this great system. It is a good start and I can't wait to continue trading the system - It gives
    me the feeling that the more I trade the more I am going to make. I can't wait to get back into the
    market. I used the conservative 150% technique and I think I will definitely be sticking to it.

    For the first time in a very long time I feel like my dream of trading full-time for a living is now
    possible. I have never made over 150 pips in a trading session before.  I closed my last few deals
    before they reached their targets as I had reached 200 pips for the day and I was so excited that I
    wanted to get my trading record and questionnaire to you as soon as possible.  

    Thanks Expert4x - I don't know where you get these unusual trading techniques from but this one sure
    works. It makes perfect sense now.

D GRESHAM - Perth - Australia