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    Previous Support webinars, where the important elements of the technique were reviewed were recorded
    and the video links are sent with the purchase.

Written by Alex du Plooy

    Launch of the new "Financial Turning Point" Forex Technique


    The technique is called "The Financial Turning Point" Forex technique because of the fact that
    it catches the turning points in the Forex Market and enters trends at their very start. The
    system should have a dramatic positive financial impact on trader's lives using the system.
    Hence the name.


    The Financial Turning Point Forex Trading technique is a low risk Forex trading Go Live Process
    that takes you through 4 phases.

    Module 1: The Learning and testing phases: You can learn the system and test the system
    using back testing, forward testing, live demo trading. The FTP Forum, where you are given
    feedback on all your trades by fellow traders and Expert4x, is a vital part of this process. After
    completing 15 trades using the basic system rules and guidelines you then move to the next
    phase. You should already be trading profitably at this stage.

    Module 2: The Optimisation and Make Money phases: Here advanced trading techniques are
    applied to make the already good trading system even better. Elements of the system are also
    changed to optimise the results you are achieving. This should lead to improved profitability
    of an already successful system. Your track record and those of other forex traders are taken
    into account to produce results with smaller losses and higher gains than those previously
    After testing the optimised system with a minimum of  15 trades and building a great trading
    track record you are then ready to confidently Go live trading your own money with a proven
    tested and optimised trading system using sound risk and money management techniques.

    Ongoing input from fellow traders and Expert4x traders is vital to your success

    Please note that when purchasing the Financial Turning Point technique you receive only Module 1 initially. This makes
    sure that you focus on learning and generating 15 trades using the technique. Only once you have completed 15 trades
    then you receive Module 2. You will however receive module 2 automatically after 10 days of your purchase irrespective of
    whether you complete your 15 trades or not.

    The benefits of this Financial Turning Point process based technique is that:-

  • It is a safe, thorough, tested system building you up to trade a live account at low risk.
  • You start out with an already proven successful technique as your basis for improvement
  • The technique is very simple with the entry based on 2 aligned basic indicators
  • You have the benefit of guidance from fellow traders and Expert4x traders all the way.
  • It is a system that can be adapted to your personal needs and to the constant changing market

    More about the system

  • It uses standard and simple trending, oscillator, volatility indicator signals and requires very
    little support and resistance knowledge. These facilities are normally available on most
    charting systems.
  • It can be traded using any currency using any of the following charts: the Daily, 4 hour, 1 hour,
    15 minute. So you can choose which time frame suits you best.
  • It has a +80% success rate with very specific risk management.
  • The system is suitable for Forex traders of all levels except complete beginners as we assume
    basic trading skills. Although a simple system the eBook focuses on and covers the system
    specifically without covering the basic Forex trading introduction topics.
The "Financial Turning
Point Forex Trading
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    Comments from our testers:

    "Just thought I would share with
    you and the forum some
    winning trades I entered into
    today, 4 in total (one still active)
    use the FTP system the more I
    like it.

    It is simplistic and very
    accurate in all time zones I
    have used. I will probably do
    closer to 50 examples as I am
    finding the more I use your
    system the easier it gets to
    finding profitable trades!

    Forgot to mention approx. 148
    pips on just this one frame"

    From tester fx365

    "Outstanding videos illustrating
    the entry/exit and the lot sizing


    "Videos, being simple and
    clear, definitely, helped me,
    clear my understanding. On
    entry criteria, exits, stop losses,
    success ladder and lot size
    calculation. Well made in my
    mind, simple is better and
    more clear, thanks".

    – Michael

    "I think that the technique as a
    whole is quite excellent.  I have
    back traded on several currency
    pairs using the 15 minute charts
    with outstanding results.  

    The charts used to explain
    entries and demonstrate the
    actual appearance of the
    "Turning Points" were very

    The introduction, and the "time
    for action" on page 47 are very
    compelling and useful "

    - Mark

    SUPPORT Guarantee

    Should you have ANY of your deals
    stopped out using this approach,
    one of our traders will personally
    analyse your loss transaction and
    mentor you until you have no, or at
    an acceptable level of negative
    transactions that will make your
    Forex trading profitable.

    This support guarantee applies in
    addition to the MONEY BACK
    guarantee below
    How you can make
    sure you are successful

    You get an easy and successful
    system to follow

    You get a intensively client tested
    system to follow

    You get a clear and client tested

    You get trading models to make
    trading easier

    You get videos to explain
    important trading concepts

    You get eMail support

    You get a success mentors

    You get a simple a success plan
    to follow

    You get a pre-trading checklists.

    You can see the success and
    failures of other traders

    You never have to trade alone
Forex trading technique in the form of ebook
Forex traders trading the Forex market

    Hello Forum .... Just wanted to
    share a great day of trading, today,
    I had 100% winners (8 trades in

                    Posting on the forum

    Attached are my 20 testing trades.
    They are all winners. I just followed
    the simple trading rules 100%.

    One question: Why on earth are
    you selling this system? If I had this
    system nobody would know about it!

    Thanks JS

    It's simple - the more people trade
    the system the more orders there
    will be supporting the direction of
    our trades.

    We will be increasing the price to
    only attract serious Forex traders at
    the launch                    Expert4x
$US 128

Comments from a tester:

    It is simplistic and easy to use with a
    high degree of accuracy. I have
    been trading for 7 years and this is
    one of the best systems out there, I
    must compliment you on the way
    you go about developing a system
    very unique and I am grateful I was
    a part of it, thank you.

    Unlike 95% of all the other systems
    out there this one really works and I
    am glad I was a part of making it
    happen, thanks.
This table lists the potential trading
opportunities using the Financial
Turning Point technique
    The system can be traded at any time.

    You therefore do not need to watch the screens continuously but only need to review the
    charts at the close of the candle or entries in the time frame you choose. You can choose as
    many time frames as you want. Entry criteria are obvious immediately so it is possible to
    evaluate trading opportunities for up to 12 to 16 currencies in less than 1 minute.  

    The system comes with very specific risk management, lot sizing and money management
    instructions which makes it one of the most complete forex trading systems you will ever find.
    We have tried to make this system a plug and play system suitable for Traders with live
    trading accounts over $600 in size. It focuses mainly on financial performance (growth of your
    account) and not merely on pip results.

    So why does this technique work so well?

    •        Is it because of the creative use of the 2 simple indicators? (A trending indicator and a
    •        Is it because of clever position sizing?
    •        Is it because of clever currency selection?
    •        Is it because of the clear trading signals?
    •        Is it because of the stop sizes?
    •        Is it because high probability setups?
    •        Is it because of the early entries?
    •        Is it because of time of day factors?
    •        Is it because it keeps you out of low probability deals?
    •        Is it because of the exit techniques used?
    •        Is it because it can be used on any micro lot broker account?

    No, it is none of the above on their own.

    The “Financial Turning Point” Forex technique will not work if you use only its' entry method.
    You need to use all of the above weaved into a trading technique aimed at not only creating
    pips but increasing your trading account dramatically with controlled risk and money


    Due to the fact that Forex traders trading the Financial Turning Point system come from various levels of trading
    experience, like trading different time frames and currencies etc, Expert4x used a client testing process where over
    50 client testers traded the system prior to its launch. We therefore know that the trading instructions given in our
    videos (currently 5 available) and eBooks are clear and easy to understand. Our testing forum has many examples
    of successful deals and unsuccessful deals which have helped testers ensure that they are following the trading
    method correctly. The testers get the system for free and Expert4x gets a client tested system. A real Win / Win for
    all parties.  


    Please click here to see trading results achieved by testers during the testing process> RESULTS  

    Please click here to see daily chart results > DAILY CHART RESULTS
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    Dear Prospect Financial Turning Point Participant

    Over the years I have been lucky meet and know a number of millionaire online Forex traders and highly
    successful traders (people who have 6 to 8 broker accounts to hide their success) and I have debated and
    shared Forex trading approaches with these traders. It is not their trading systems that make these traders
    millionaires, the systems they use are sometimes unbelievably simple. It is their total professional approach,
    dedication and focus on Forex trading that makes them so unique and successful.

    If you are just starting out in Forex trading or just trade Forex trading for fun as a part time hobby you will find
    this system refreshingly enjoyable due to its simplicity and high success rate. To this group the system itself will
    be of importance.

    If you seriously want to create the basis for a robust Forex trading career or additional part time income, I can
    not think of a better process (considering the price) than the one used to implement the Financial Turning Point
    system (the Learn, Test, Optimise and Make Money process). For this group the Financial Turning Point process
    has been designed to create a millionaire online Forex trading ability and mindset. To this group the Forex trader
    development process will be of importance. Both the system and the development process are included in your purchase.

    This technique should meet your Forex trading needs no matter what your Forex trading goals and long term
    objectives are or your level of experience (Please note this is not a total beginner technique). If this one doesn't
    help you reach your goals, unfortunately, I am not sure that you will ever find one that does.      

           Alex du Plooy, Expert4x Forex Webinar Presenter and Trader
    I just hit 390 pips!!...sorry but I
    had to Bail...I had hit 84 earlier
    in the day and it retraced back
    to 2 pips. Thought all was lost..
    followed the rules (not hiting
    the stop loss) and it rose
    backed up to 390 pip mark...Had
    to take my bread man!!..
    Awesome method!! (turning
    point) Thank you Thank you
    Thank you!!


    The eBook as well as all the
    new videos, examples,
    clarifications, links etc  
    make sure that the
    technique is as simple and
    effective as possible - now
    all available.

Please contact us if you
have any questions