Trading RESULT examples
The statements below show the results of one of the Expert4x traders who
was trained and demo traded for a week to get to know the system. Key
information regarding the system is not displayed: The ONE
currency used is
not displayed, The
time of day is not displayed, the full prices are not
displayed as they would give away the currency. This is because these are key
elements of the system that will be disclosed in the Ebook.

lot sizes have been amended The actual ones are too aggressive to be
displayed (
click here do the maximum lot course for more details  MAX  ). A
system where the lots are increased conservatively is used. Additional
information has been added: Time in the deal and pips gained.   
All trades
were made using a
14 pip stop loss. This is the key element that separates
this system from any other high success system I have every seen

First trading day     95 pips   +100% return on opening balance

Second trading day 95 pips   +100% return on opening balance

Third trading day    111 Pips  + 97% return on opening balance
Recommendations that will change your life
"With ALL the odds"
Forex trading system

The "With ALL the Odds" Forex System

Many people enter FOREX trading with the hope and wish to become
financially secure
and profit from Forex by trading online for a few hours a
. There are a few good examples of successful traders profiting from Forex
trading, but sadly for every successful trader there are sometimes hundreds of
traders that fail. One of the reasons for this is that traders cannot deal well
with losing trades and have not found a
reliable Forex trading system.

That is why it is so important to find a trading system with a
very high
success rate
. The sad reality however is that systems that achieve a high
success rate unfortunately trade with HUGE stops or  NO stops. Many Forex
traders use these Forex trading techniques successfully but sooner or later the
market does what the market does and wipes out all or most of their
accounts. A sad reality of trading.

Other systems that provide high success rates give so few trading
opportunities that traders become bored waiting for a setup to arise.  

In my early Forex trading days I used a successful short term Forex trading
technique which I developed and kept very much to myself. Forex
opportunities have improved considerably since then for this technique. It is a
technique that allowed me
quick, highly successful, deals with good risk
(stops of 16 pips). This Forex technique requires some concentration
and focus.  To give you an idea most deals go positive in less than a minute
and closeout positively within 2 to 10 minutes.  The advantage is that there
are a good number of Forex trading opportunities allowing one to enter 5 to 10
deals during a 2 to 4 hour period (a day).

    Why is the "With ALL the Odds" system so successful?

    Barry explains below (Also watch the video on the left):
YOU are looking at a Forex trading system that has the
potential of giving you a
100% success rate using a 16
pip stop
for all transactions AND that has the potential of
doubling your daily trading risk capital
This system has changed many peoples lives

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important and assumed that traders use sound trading principles when using the online Forex trading information on this currency trading site. Please use demo accounts
where there is no investment required to test Forex Strategies. This includes trading common sense, sound money and risk management and full personal ownership of
any trading decisions.  This disclaimer  applies to all services, including PayPal, Google, Click Here, Yahoo, Ebay, YouTube and Clickbank promotions placed on the
website. Investors should obtain individual financial advice based on their own particular circumstances before making any foreign currency investment decision.

I'm so excited I can
hardly contain myself.  
I've done 6 winning
trades in a row tonight.  
So far there's 40
minutes left in my
session here (2 E.S.T)    
It's such an
feeling to be in and
out of a winning trade
in less than 1 min or
even 30 seconds
such.  I see this system
changing my life!  
Tonight was even a
sideways slowish time.  
There were probably a
few more I could have
gotten aggressive on
but this is just

My 1st night and I'm
only going to get far
better as the days go
on.   I can't thank you
guys enough for making
this available!

D in USA
Stack the odds in your favour when Forex trading
Hi Barry,   
I'm going through the eBook and I
just can't begin to tell you how
impressed I am with everything put
in there.  It's so complete and
thorough, so detailed and specific.  I
feel like the 2.5 years I've spent
learning things is now ready to pay
off huge as I'm combining everything
I know and my confidence is soaring
in the strategies of the long candle
and now this "With All the Odds"
method.  Again the information in
the last 10 pages of that book just is
masterful. The whole presentation
and then the addition of the
trading video's
.    You guys could
charge $499+ for this
Regards             V.T - United States
Dear Barry .......I trade
from Switzerland and last
night I  made
successful trades with
no losers.  
M from Switzerland
With All the Odds forex trading technique
Thanks for making this
great system available
to us all. It's been
working like a Swiss
I've been trading it for
the last 3 days, made
10 trades per day and
only got one loss a
day... that's 90%
success! For me,
achieving that, was just
unthinkable! I feel that
there's still a long road
in front of me before I
can say that I master
this trading method,
but, You're system is
giving me the feeling
that I have found
Holy Grail"
! My search
has ended... Thank You!

P from Portugal  

The videos are great -
keep them coming, they
are the most useful tool.
Seeing someone
actually put the ideas
into practice
is the
best training we can
have. I've demo-ed
since Wed, with a
variation to suit my
family and time
circumstances, and
have yet to have a
- probably getting
on for 20 trades over 3
days. I am beginning to
feel a little confidence. If
I can keep it up, then
what I have learnt will
prove priceless


Hello Barry and all the
Team at Expert4x,

This week I purchased
your new course  "
Trading with the odds "
and I have to tell you
that the results have

I'm not new to forex,
I've been trading now
for about 3 and half
years, in that time I've
purchased every ebook,
course, book, ea,
software costing
thousands and
thousands of pounds,
I've probably studied
harder in this time than
anyone I know.....

I'm serious, I mean
night and day and
weekends 14/16 hrs
solid and in all that time,
after spending all that
I have NEVER
purchased a course or
system that can even
compare with this !

Hands down its the best
system and information
product on the forex
market EVER in my
opinion and I promise
you I've seen/purchased
most of them. You could
and should charge alot
more for this !!
Thousands of dollars is
not out of the way for
the quality of this
information you've so
kindly put together.

Its simple, easy to
follow, no grey areas like
most products, the live
videos are a real Gem ! I
can honestly say this is
the best experience I've
ever had buying
anything related to
forex ! your system
works, and I'm living
proof ! He's my first
days results....I've only
owned the information
for appox 5 hours !!

Feel free to place this
email on your site for
others to see, you can
Even publish the result if
you like, a picture paints
a thousand words....

For anyone considering
buying this information I
strongly suggest you do
so NOW, because I'm
going to try and get
them to SHUT THIS
DOWN lol its that good I
want to keep it for
myself SHHHHHHHHHH....

The best money I've
ever spent by a country
mile, and I truly truly
mean that, buy this
product TODAY ! It will
be the smartest
investment you've ever
made in your future.

Kind Regards,

Mark UK.   
The WATO system
can be traded in any
market any where in
the world
1.        I use 3 separate correlated Forex crosses which are almost +90%
correlated. How this helps me is that I only trade when all 3 are trending in
the same direction or about to trend in the same direction. It is sometimes
correlated but somewhat independent currencies at the same time, you are
assured of being with the trend.

2.        I look for the trend on 3 time scales (Time frames). That means that
when I enter a trade it is aligned with the trend of
3 correlated currencies
3 timescales9 confirmations of the direction.

3.        I only trade 1 currency which has a constantly low spread (This low
spread is available to anybody with a $100 account). Many times (and you will
experience this) the deal registers on the dealing station positively the
moment I enter the deal. What a feeling that is.

4.        I use 3 very simple indicators of trend – Trendlines, a moving
average and the RSI momentum indicator. These allow me to see the status
of the market of the 9 charts I trade, in one glance and allow me to see
trading opportunities in seconds.  Trading opportunities are therefore
identified in terms of support and resistance, momentum and market phases
(trending or consolidating) very
simply and quickly.

5.        The big differenceI use volume information to make trading
. In fact the volume levels, second by second, is the over riding
factor whether a deal is entered into or not.  Volume is by far the best leading
indicator in the Forex market.  Volume changes dramatically 30 seconds to a
minute before a price movement and that’s all the time you have to make a
trading decision using this great
leading indicator.

*       Most activities are manual – I enter with market orders and go for small
targets of 5 to 14 pips

*        The only item that is not manual is that all my deals have
stops of 16  pips
. I apply very strict loss control so I have a maximum stop
loss of 18 pips but I use 16 pips more often.(Sometimes we use 9 pip targets
and 9 pip stops)

All of these Forex trading tools are available on any
MetaTrader platform or
any Forex charting system giving volume information. We use very simple and
standard Forex indicators and charts.   

Requirements to succeed using this system

1.        You need a burning desire to succeed – If you don’t, you will look at
this system and say: “interesting I will give it a try” or worse “I don’t think
this will work for me”. That is not good enough – you need to say: “Millions
have been made using this system and I am going to master it no matter
what. I know that when I have mastered it my whole life will change”.

2.      You need to believe that Forex trading will provide you with the
means to become financially independent
. This belief is critical to the
success of any Forex trader.

3.          You need to spring into action. Reading about the system is not
going to make you wealthy. Trading the system is what will
provide  you with the income you desire.  You need to embrace opportunity
when it presents itself
Hi Barry,

The "with all odds"
wanted and have already
had success on the
demo account with 7
trades winning and 1
I have never
had this before thanks
for the great system
to you and Barry.


12 May 2009
This is not an expert advisor type system – the information comes from too
many sources – it is a system where you train your eyes to see future moves
before they have even started happening.

I have personally  have never come across a Forex trading system where the
odds are so strongly stacked in the traders favour that you can’t help

The eBook is supported by 10 trading videos giving visual examples of
concepts presented in the eBook. We also schedule access to FREE live Forex  
WEBINARS covering all important aspects of the 'With all the Odds" system
where you can ask any questions about this system and the Magic indicators.

The "With ALL the Odds" system is contained in an easily
downloadable, simple eBook which will tell you:

  • Which currency to use
  • Which currencies to correlate the traded currency with
  • Why this currency is so successful
  • Which leading indicators to use
  • Exactly how to do the chart setup of these simple and well known
    leading indicators on your charts.
  • How to do your screen layout so that you can see all the trading signals
    at a glance
  • What the trading signals are for each indicator
  • How to use volume as the most powerful leading indicator in Forex
  • Which Forex broker to use
  • What type of Forex trading account to use
  • Which currency gives you the best spread for this technique
  • How to place Forex trading orders
  • How to cash in (close) your successful deals.
  • How to do 1 click trading that automatically adds a 16 pip stop loss and
    5 to 16 pip target.
  • How manage your lot sizes to capitalise on your success
  • Which time of day to trade the Forex market
  • Which Forex market conditions to avoid
  • How to adapt the system to become a daily swing trading system
  • Which charting system to use.
  • Give screen shots of conditions to avoid
  • Give screen shots of trading setups and results.
  • How to start trading the system
  • Where to get support
  • Where to find mentorship for the system
  • Examples of actual live successful Forex trades
  • Examples of non qualifying Forex trading conditions
  • Advanced ways of trading this system
  • What size Forex account do you need
  • And…..much, much, more


  • Refund policy:-  We have such a high regard for this system that unfortunately we have a NO
    refund policy.  Our system is supported by LIVE videos and a question and answer facility that
    will make sure that you have the best chance of success.

  • We use brokers with the most competitive spreads. Currently FXCM Micro provides
    the most competitive spreads. Please note that FXCM Micro live accounts are not
    available in  Australia, Belarus, British Columbia (Canada), Cuba, Democratic
    Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Myanmar, North Korea,
    Quebec (Canada), Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe. Demo accounts are however
    available in these countries. The system works with any broker who has spreads
    that are within 1 pip of those currently being offered by FXCM Micro

  • To avoid delays in the delivery of your Ebooks or services please use the contact us
    facilities if you encounter any problems with the automated delivery which is part of
    the PayPal process - Remember to register your delivery Email when prompted and
    to check your junk mail folders

  • After PayPal has issued a receipt for your payment you need to please wait for 10
    seconds to register your email and start the download  process
Is the system for you?

This Forex system works. It is a very simple system once you have demo
traded for a week or more. It gives an incredible success rate which with good
money management can turn the smallest starting capital (as low as $100)
into substantial capital in a relatively short time.   My experience has been
that the
attitude of the trader is the only variable whether traders succeed or
not. It is all about the
level of mental and physical energy you are happy in
order to invest to succeed. So if you feel making money this way is not for you
– that’s fine. There are many other money making opportunities out there just
waiting to be found and implemented.

But if you are willing to invest some of you mental and physical energy for a
week or 2 to develop a life changing skill, I would strongly suggest that you
make this investment of money and energy.
Forex trader using Forex alerts and Forex signals
Barry's system works
Nothing beats trading with
Forex trader placing a Forex transaction

Thanks a million you guys
are great.
In my first 7 trades since
reading the WATO eBook
I only had 1 loss!
I enjoyed your free
webinars so much that I
purchased the book. All in
all the WATO material and
support is much better
than anything else I've
seen. I have spent $997
on a have half the
practical step by step
information and videos
and webinars that you
offer at a fraction of the
cost. LB
Strategy updates

Since the launch of the eBook we have incorporated 4 new WATO Forex
trading strategies in the WATO eBook. These enhancements are a result of
the daily trading of the WATO system and ongoing customer support.

The updates are:

    The Dominent currency technique
    The falling knife technique
    The WATO freestyle technique
    The WATO Magic moving Average
Success breeds success and
makes trading easier
Written by Alex du Plooy
Online Forex trading is great way of making a living and great lifestyle
Take the guess work out of
Forex trading
Forex trading currencies traded globally
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Forex results using the With all the odds system
Forex transaction entered into using a Forex broker trading account
Forex trader using technical analysis to make a Forex trading transaction
usdyen currency for trading the forex market
Free Forex Maximum lot course
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methods Please
contact us
See actual Forex
Trading account
RESULTS below  
$2000 to $16000 in 3 days
Investing in the" With ALL the Odds" Forex

The "With ALL the ODDs" - $79.00             


Expert4x Club Members qualify for a 50% discount on ALL purchases (including
bundles). After your PayPal payment please contact us and your discount will be refunded
through PayPal. To become a club member please click here >
Expert4x Club

    Previous Support webinars where the important elements of the technique were reviewed
    were recorded and the video links are sent with the purchase.

Recent comment from  a trader :

"The FTP is a mind shift especially after trading WATO for a year which, as you know is a scalping
technique aiming at 5 to 9 pips on average. I love that method - as a matter of fact I doubled my trading
account last year using it.  After the market changed, WATO Free Style made me a ton of dough"  
JS  - United Sates
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Forex tool to assist in forex entries when trading the forex market
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Please find attached my
first 20 twenty trades
from the “With All The
Odds” trading method.

You will note that I have
made all of these trades
during the
and US trading times
I live in Australia. You
will also note that three
of the trades were
losing trades, however
two of these were due
to stupid mistakes on
my part, so I am very
happy with these first
20 trades.

B - Australia

" I wish to offer favourable feedback on the WATO webinar created by Alex today.
Even though I had witnessed a webinar on the above topic before, today's was significantly
different. Alex ignored the text and gave a very methodical build up to the full system. But it
was the way he fully scrutinised each portion eg MA3, RSI etc.   Succinctly covering the
issues without labouring the points.
It was great!!!!!!  Clear, concise and with a few tit-bits based on his wealth of experience.
Many thanks for the simple explanation of the forex system. "

K. B from New Zealand -  7 October 2010